How to Contend with the Problem of Cleaning Bird Droppings from Outdoor Furniture

Are you an outdoor person? Do you find it comforting to relax or read or entertain guests in your backyard or lawn? If yes, you must have outdoor furniture. And you know how much trouble it is to remove bird droppings from outdoor fixtures and furniture. The only solution you have is prevention. Put away the furniture after use to keep it in good condition. However, it is extremely tedious if you have to cart outdoor furniture forwards and backwards from storage each time you want to spend some time in the open air.

Why Bird Droppings Are More Problematic Than They Seem

Bird droppings are acidic and they are capable of causing a lot of damage if they are left unattended to for extended periods of time. Moreover, they look quite unsightly, and can prove to be embarrassing if you have guests over and they find bird droppings on their seat. That’s not all! In large amounts, bird droppings can pose a major health risk. You should never try to clean them while dry as the dust you inhale is capable of making you sick.

Make It a Habit

You should include the cleaning of outdoor furniture in your weekly routine. Give the pieces a once-a-week wash over using warm water and mild detergent. This goes a long way in keeping everything fresh and requires you to just give it a quick wipe before use.

Cleaning Different Types of Outdoor Furniture

There are different types of outdoor furniture pieces made of various kinds of materials, such as canvas, plastic, metal. When you invest in pieces made of recycled plastic, you not only help the environment but also end up with affordable and durable furniture and fixtures. A mild detergent mixed with warm water is a good wash for all sorts of furniture. You can use this to keep bird droppings under control. Vinyl cushions must be given a wash in the basin and then left to dry in the sun for a couple days. The sun naturally kills off the mildew and mold.

If you have not had the opportunity to clean your outdoor furniture regularly, you can simply use a low pressure hose along with a scrub brush to loosen up and wash away all the droppings. Bicarb soda or borax may be added to the water as a natural alternative. If you are using furniture that is made of white plastic, dishwasher detergent is the ideal cleaning choice since it contains some bleach and helps maintain the inherent whiteness. However, always avoid putting bleach in pure form on plastic as it breaks the material down, and causes discoloration.

Post-Cleaning Protection

Take time once or twice in a year to clean your outdoor furniture and use proper protective measures. However, this is dependent upon weather conditions. If you are living under harsh conditions, it is better to do this every three months.

Caring For Different Materials

Metals – Outdoor furniture made of metal are often painted. So, you need to check for weak spots often. Using soapy, mild water is adequate. If the bird droppings have accumulated over time, you may be required to use a high pressure hose. Make sure, you are wearing protective gear in order to prevent inhalation and eye problems.

Canvas – For furniture made of canvas, a light scrub must be given with mild detergent and warm water. Wet down the outdoor piece first, and then use a soft brush for scrubbing. You have to ensure that the furniture is dried properly before you store it away.

Wicker/Wood Bamboo – If furniture made of these materials is varnished or painted, you should take notice of any worn out or chipped areas. These can be repaired by touching up and sanding. When wood is bare, some sort of protection is a must. This is possible through several different ways. You can oil it regularly by rubbing linseed oil with a soft cloth. Soft wax may also be used for a smoother finish.

Be careful when dealing with bird droppings on outdoor furniture, and they are sure to last quite a long time. You might think of investing in some kind of cover that you can drape over the furniture when it’s not being used. Make sure this cover is well-fastened in windy regions.