Cleaning Wooden Floors: Here’s What You Need to Know

Homes with wooden floors need extra care. They are quite tricky to manage and clean, but with this article you will understand the do’s and don’ts easily.

  • Sweep the floor carefully using a brush with smooth bristles. The bristles should be soft as well.
  • You should vacuum the floors once or twice in the span of a week in order to maintain the clean look.
  • Wood and water are not compatible with one another. So, make sure to keep your wooden floors as dry as possible. If you see any spots of water, you need to get rid of them at once using a soft, dry towel. A vacuum cleaner can also help with this task.
  • Some wooden floors come with a polyurethane layer over them. These sorts of floors require a different kind of cleaning tactic. You should use a dry and damp mop for cleaning such surfaces. The surface of the floor might have some seams which quickly become an entryway for water. This can ruin the quality and look of the floor. So, make sure you avoid this.
  • If your wooden floors are accessible to a large number of people, you should use a carpet runner. Carpet runners have non-skid pads beneath them, which can prevent them from sustaining any damage despite the heavy wear and tear.
  • The rugs as well as the runners need to be cleaned properly using a vacuum cleaner from time to time. This ensures that dirt does not come out from the weave, and create any scratch marks on the surface.
  • You should always tell your friends and family members not to walk on wooden floor on high heels. They are quite capable of causing dents.
  • Do not drag any heavy furniture across wooden floors in your home. Make it a point to use gliding or sliding pads beneath the furniture once you clean and dry your floor.
  • Make sure the entrance to the wooden floor is protected using a door mat. This will allow your shoes to come in contact with the mat first and eliminate any dirt and grime.
  • While waxing and buffing your floors, make sure you are gentle. If it gets spoiled, you will not be able to get it repaired easily.